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Friday, January 07, 2005

Santa saves the day...

Yep, our little drama is behind us. In case you don't remember this post, let me refresh your memory. We bought a small electric motorcycle for the kiddos. One for each. The girl one was screwed up (too many details to list here, read the old post). Well, yesterday a charger and key came in the mail. At the same time, Toys R Us called and said they had another one they found in inventory. So, we opted to take the whole thing back and trade for a new one.

Yep, our little problem with Santa was fixed. I had no idea if we would REALLY fix this issue without telling a 3 year old Santa brought her some broke toy. *whew*

I know, most people could give a shit about that problem but hey, its my blog so shut up. ;-)

Today is the start of the weekend! Woohoo! We plan to make our weekly trek to our favorite Tex-Mex joint for food, adult beverages and screaming kids. For those that don't know, Margaritas and beer can make you tolerate a lot from your kiddos. So, each Friday after work, we head down to a local Tex-mex joint and have some grub and gulps. The great thing is that I amd the designated driver which means I have to pace myself. However, it also means that the wifey does not have to pace herself so we still have a great time.

Saturday, we get to go do bunko with the wifey's work crew. Now, bunko, for those that don't know, is some little dice game where the smartest have to be is to be able to count to 6. Not the hardest game in the world. But, the people are cool so we certainly go and enjoy it. Plus, it is all the wifey's peeps so it helps her to be around all of them and get a leg up so to speak.

So, I SUPPOSE I should go and try to look more like I'm working.... later bloggers.