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Saturday, December 25, 2004

We hit the jackpot! And some trouble too...

Merry Christmas bloggers! It's Christmas morning and I'm blogging. Yes, I officially have no life. But, we all knew that already. So, everyone really seemed to have a good Christmas. Kelly got a necklace, some Bath & Bodyworks stuff, CD's and boots from me and kids. I got a Bluetooth headset for my cell phone, a new clock radio which I desperately needed for the bedroom, and Halo 2 for my Xbox. Very nice.

The kiddos of course cleaned up. They got all kinds of stuff like a blow up rock climbing wall, a jumping blowup thing (big shout out to Martinigal for that), movies and 2 electric motorcycles. And, yes, this is where trouble began. You see, Kaitlyn has been asking Santa for a pink motorcycle. She went to see him at Northpark and asked again. We get it of course. I put it together last night and realize that the damn box didn't have the charger in it. Or a key to turn on the thing. So, we have no way to let her ride it.

How exactly do you explain to a 3 year old that Santa brought her a broke toy? So, as parents, we decided to use a little white lie. I know, I know, lying is never good. But, look, I couldnt' stand to see the disappointment in her when she thought Santa brought her a broke toy. So, we told BOTH of them that the motorcycles won't go until they are 4 years old (March). So that gives us time to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, when you call the customer service number in the book, all they told us was to take it back to (Our) Toys R Crap. However, Kelly knows that she bought the last one. SO, I think we may be screwed here. How do we take it back and ask for our money back and tell the girl that Santa wanted his toy back? We may have a very expensive paper weight on our hands.

And, how long do we not let the boy ride his around? Moral of the story: don't wait like the 99% of all parent until Christmas Eve to put together the toys.

OH well, not all is lost. They have no idea there is a problem and we'll get it fixed somehow. In the meantime they are having tons of fun with all the other toys. And, Christmas isn't about the toys anyway. But its hard to tell a 3 year old that...

No more blogging probably until like Jan 2nd at the earliest. Take care. I'll be hitting the slopes at Vail.