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Thursday, December 02, 2004

New purpose?

So MartiniGal gave me a compliment on my reality show titles in yesterday's post.  Perhaps I will now use my power of naming to describe events in my life and how they should be reality shows.  I like it!  I mean, everything else is on reality TV.  And, for some strange reason, we all seem to be drawn to it.  Maybe that will increase my blog traffic.
Last night was nothing special.  The episode of "Husbands Finding Supper" found me and the yahoos at Whataburger.  I love that place.  I mean, it is SO bad for me yet I'm drawn to it.  Kind of like moth to a bug zapper.  You know you shouldn't go but yet you keep going towards it.  I keep hearing that lady's voice from Poltergeist, "Stay away from the light!"  Then, that show was soon followed by, "Crazy Kids and the Men Who Love Them".  The yahoos ran around, fighting over  the $0.02 toy they got from above mentioned burger joint while I attempted to block out the screams.  As I talk to the wife on the phone, I finally get them in the bath and to bed.  Next, I had an episode of "How Bored Can You Be?"  Last nights episode had me watching TV (Lost BTW), and then surfing eBay until I hit the hay.
At about 1am, just when you think the reality shows are over, on came the episode of "Watch the Kids Scare the Holy Shat Out of Dad".  The girl came in an walked through the room but didn't stop.  Apparently since she didn't see the wifey there, she thought she would search the house for her.  Finally I wake up after hearing little footsteps and thinking, "Oh my God someone is in the house!".  But, I soon discovered the thief, er, the girl and asked why she was up.  "I had a dream" which in 3 year old speak is, I kinda woke up and thought maybe I could get in bed with you if I look like I have sad, puppy dog eyes.  So, she gets in bed and we sleep finally until 7a. 
Next, this morning found me in an episode of "Holy Crap The Nanny is Sneaky".  I walked into the living room and there she was on the couch.  Never heard her come in but she was there.  With the boy.  I fix breakfast and head myself out to Starbucks.  Where, BTW, the line was ridiculously long.  Don't all these people need to go to work?  What the ....?