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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Single this week, sort of

So, the wifey has left town.  Now, in the old days this meant I was free to do whatever.  Go out with buddies, drink beer and be obnoxious.  However, that all changes when you have kids.  See, once you have kids the spouse leaving town is no longer a free pass.  Instead it becomes a whole new schedule.  Get home by 5:15.  Get kid to dance class.  Find dinner.  Bath everyone.  Entertain everyone.  Fix breakfast for everyone.  So, no more beer runs and secret trips to the strip club with your buddies.
In fairness, it is pretty easy now that the kids are older.  We goof around and things run pretty smooth.  I do get to do some things we normally don't.  Like last night me and kids watched "Overhauling" on TLC.  Not something I would have seen because it was on against some reality show like My Big Fat Ass or How I Lost 100 Pounds or something.  Anyway, we goofed around, took a bath and then I watched some TV after they hit the hay. 
As for anything else going on, nothing new to report.  I did manage to finally submit the documents to the state that will officially end the existence of Infinity Images.  Thank God.  I still have nightmares about that year of my life.  Surprisingly I'm still looking for some new business opportunity but have yet to find something.  We are experimenting with selling on eBay but I don't yet have a good source of products besides the kid clothes we had stored in the attic.  And, lets face it, at $2-5 dollars of profit, we won't make much unless we sell a boat load.
What I really want is something that can make some decent profit, say $100, that I can ideally just drop-ship from the manufacturer.  That way, I don't store inventory and hopefully not even buy inventory.  Just sell it on eBay and then ship it from the manufacturer after I buy it.  Not an easy thing to do but thousands of people are making money on eBay so it is possible.  I might also look into some type of real estate deals like rental houses or owner financed homes but that is a bigger investment (thus potentially bigger rewards).  Also, I've thought about opening some type of store like Texadelphia in McKinney.  Problem is I don't want to run it I just want to own it.  Lastly, I could just try some more proactive and aggressive stock investments but I think that is an area I lack expertise for.
So, I know, you are all saying "What the ....?" because you don't really care about my business dealings.  But you see, I want to have more sources of income than just our jobs.  And, at 33, I need to get a move on if I plan to be my own boss by 40 with a salary equal to that of my current job.  Technical fields are where I have a background but for some reason I can't see a good opportunity right now.  Perhaps because there are so many technical people out there right now looking for work that many people have tried many things and all the golden opportunities are gone.
I know I should be like Donald Trump.  Do you watch the show Apprentice?  He says opportunities are everywhere.  But when you have billions, you can afford to make a few mistakes.  I sort of get one shot and want to make sure I don't screw it up.  Oh well, I suppose so goes life.  Now, I go to earn my paycheck... later bloggers...