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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

In honor of the wife

Ok, I want to post a message about the significant other, the wifey, the better half, the light of my life, the main squeeze, my chick.  Why?  Well, at dinner last night she mentioned that of the 3 things I can't live without, she was not listed and somehow was lower than hamburgers.  WELL, let me tell you... WHAT A FOOL I AM! :-)
Let's roll back and look at the ole history of the wifey... (Insert cheesy special effect here)
There I am at school in good old Lubbock.  I'm doing what any other red blooded American boy does his freshman year in college: girls, parties and just a hint of school.  I cruise through the freshman year (well, not cruise because I only did fair in grades) and the next year rolls around.  I'm going out, sort of, with this psycho chick.  I mean, I didn't KNOW she was psycho but that's another story.  Anyway, I start geek camp... err. summer band camp and ....
I see her across the payment.  Her blue eyes shimmering in the sun. Hot too.  I mean, skinny, twirler, looking all sexy.  Who wouldn't drool?  Of course, as a new freshman and me being the sophomore I thought for SURE I'd get the time of day from her.  It became obvious that I was wrong when I tried to talk to her.  She only cared about her twirling.  I mean, this was college level stick twirling.  She had to concentrate for God's sake.  She couldn't have some horn-dog sophomore trying to hit on her.  So, with some persistence over a few weeks, we finally go out.  Being the suave, cool, player (should that be playa) that I am, I took her to a frat party and then to IHOP.  I mean, what could be more romantic?  Anyway, there we are in IHOP and I'm trying to be SO cool.  First, I remember spilling my damn water everywhere.  What a dork.  Next, I try to get in the car and the door won't open.  Why?  Because it wasn't my car!!! HOLY SHIT!  I mean, what luck that the same make and model would park right next to me just so I could look even dorkier than I already did.
But, somehow that night she still liked me and let me get a little good night kiss.  It was all downhill from there as she realized I was a big dumb blob of man dork whenever she batted her eyes and gave me a little kiss.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Love, marriage and then....
Kids.  So, she's trying to convince me to have kids.  I'm like, "No way, why would I screw up this party, no-responsibility, no-school, sucky job life I got?"  Flash back to previous paragraph: she bats her eyes, gives a little kiss and convinces me that it will be fun trying.  This is where the dorky, man blob thinks, "Man, this could take months trying have a kid!  Think of all the fun!!!"  Well, exactly 1 month later she's preggy.  Wow.  So much for months of fun. 
Now I'm just like a deer in headlights during the pregnancy.  But, the wifey?  Rock solid.  Just another walk in the park for her.  And, it was twins which is extremely painful.  But she never complained.  Never acted like it was hell.  What a trooper.

So, here's to the wifey.  The love of my life and the rock that our family runs on.  Despite the fact that I'm a man blob, a dork and a lazy ass man, she loves me and I love her and that is all that REALLY matters.