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Monday, November 08, 2004

Monday Meme

 Name 3 (or more, or less!) things...

1. ...you cannot live without.
Hamburgers - I'm a burger addict.  Yes, I know they are bad for me.  Yes, I know they add that extra weight I'm carrying.  Yes, I should stop eating them immediately.  But, man, they are so yummy.  What an invention!  So, go read up on the history of hamburgers.
Sex - Perhaps its just because I'm male.  Or because I'm a freak.  But, sex is a major necessity for me.  Ok, sure, if I got stranded on an island with 3 other dudes, then I'd be able to live without it.  But let's not take the questions on Monday so seriously.
My Kids - Yep, they are the light of my life.  What can I say.  I couldn't come home every day now and not have 2 monkeys jumping on me laughing and having fun.

2. ...you CAN live without, but cannot seem to part with.
Ok, after thought I almost moved Hamburgers to this, but I've decided its in the right spot, so here goes:
Dining out - I know I shouldn't go out so much, but who really wants to cook?
Surfing - I should not surf so much as it just wastes an incredible amount of time.  But there is just so much interesting stuff on the 'net!
Starbucks - I love a little java juice in the morning.

3. ...you wish to accomplish this COMING week.
Finish my final paper for this MBA class.
Figure out what to buy the wife for Christmas
Start that work project I've been putting off.

4. ...you have accomplished this PAST week.
Cleaned half the garage (the other half coming soon to a theater near you)
Finished my team papers right on time
Managed to avoid any major problems at work.

5. ...on your holiday (or non-holiday) 'wish list.'
Halo 2 - I couldn't bring myself to stand in line so who knows if I'll get it
Low end PC - I want to run Linux on a box somewhere to start hosting my sight there instead of on my windows machine
Flat panel - I have one already but I want to use the dual monitor support

6. ...you would like to change about yourself.
Increase my discipline to stick with a diet (see post 1 :-)
Decrease what seems to be ADD at work - I mean, who wants to focus on one thing for 8 hours?
Find more motivation to do the "honey-do" type stuff around the house.  What can I say, I'm a geek that likes geek stuff!

7. ...you like about yourself.
I feel successful.
I have a great family
I generally have a good mood.

8. ...you should be doing right now instead of what you ARE doing.
Setting up a Microsoft "bootcamp" for my engineers.

9. ...in your life that could use a little more organization.
Daily routine at work - I'm so reactive given that I'm in support.  I wish I managed my time better (wait, aren't I blogging now instead of working?  OMG... back to work)