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Thursday, June 09, 2005

I know, you can't believe it

Yep, I'm actually posting again. Its been weeks. Well, I've decided that I should post something. My friend over at GRFH told me the reason I don't post anymore is because I never try to avoid schoolwork by posting to my blog. Since I'm out of school finally I have no reason to avoid schoolwork!

The big question is can I start using the blog to avoid my REAL work? I use to do that more than I do now. Mainly because I have SO much to do at work I really don't have time. But, to my 1 fan, I'll try to get back to it.

So, let's see what's the latest. Kiddos are in swim class. Boat is in for routine service. I have to work this weekend and that sucks. Outside of that, nothing big is going on. We are only about 3 weeks from heading to vacation in Arkansas. AND, we just got back from camping at Possum Kingdom (PK) lake. PK is a great place. Kids had a good time and we did some good skiing and hanging out at Hell's Gate. Here's a question, my kids hear us call the cove by name "Hell's Gate" so they do too. In this case, is Hell ok for a 4 year old? I mean, that is the name of the place. OH well.

Ok, more to come later.