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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Working on Mom's day

Well boys and girlies... I'm here at the home office working. Well, sort of working. I have had one call already but I hope the day turns out to be slow. I work tomorrow as well on "Mom's Day". Luckily, the wifey is awesome and wants her present to just be cash to go shopping. I mean, that's greatness for a guy. No worries about getting the right thing. No worries about how much you should spend or not spend. Its greatness. Maybe I can do that for "Dad's Day". hmmm...

No boating this weekend. Between work, wind, rain and Mom's Day we just can't go. I also have to miss C's t-ball game today because of work. I hate that because it is so cool to see him doing so well. Next time out, I want to make sure the wifey takes the camcorder because I don't know how much of him playing we have.

Last night we did the standard Blue Goose thing. It rocked as usual. We came home, put the yahoo's to bed and then just hung out and talked about all kinds of stuff. Kinda cool since we are so busy we don't do that much anymore.

Ok... I should at least attempt work.... later bloggers...