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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I grow weary of blogging

Yes, I grow weary of blogging. I think it is now not cool to blog. All my friends have stopped blogging. I only read THL's blog regularly anymore and that is just because she is damn funny. So, what to do with this blog is the question. I've had it over a year. Would it be the saddest waste of time to continue? Would it mean I wasted lots of time in the past if I stop now? Decisions, decisions.

That said, I was Mr. Cook tonight. I spent about 45-60 min prep'n a dish for tomorrow night. I need to get more into cooking. Cooking is cool even though sometimes I hate it. I need to strike a deal with the wifey that I'll cook be she has to buy the stuff and clean. Sounds fair right? Na... it will never work. I don't get home early enough. The kids would eat the dog out of hunger if they waited for me each night.

Here's another dilema: Do I go to bed now, at 10pm or start a movie? If I start a movie, it might be on until after midnight making me crazy tired tomorrow. But I'm not yet ready for bed. Damn, I hate this feeling... :-)