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Sunday, May 01, 2005

A bonehead at the lake

We just got back from the lake. We decided to drive up to Lake Texoma about 1 hr north of our house. No problem. Nice drive, get out early about 11:00a to head up there. We stop at a gas station to fill up the boat and the truck. Its always a painful experience to do that with gas over $2 per gallon. You know you get a lot of gas when the pump shuts off at $75 and won't allow you to get anymore. :)

We get to the marina and buy the ramp pass. I pull up, take the cover off, jump in and .... OH SHIT... I left the keys and the stereo faceplate at home. THE KEYS!!!! DAMN IT!!!! Just then, the wifey remembers we have an extra set in the truck. Great. But, after spending all that time and money to upgrade the stereo, I can't play it. Oh well, the lake is fun even without it.

Let me say that there is WAY too much money at Texoma. There are some gigantic boats there. And some of the slips have little apartment type things that probably cost the same per month as my house. Wow. What do these people do? Did they all hit the lottery? Are they all doctors and lawyers? Or drug lords? Or the inventors of velcro? WHAT?? I WANT TO DO IT TOO!!!!

Ok, we get back and now I'm being lazy. I have lots of the "honey-do" things to take care of. But, don't you just feel lazy sometimes? I just want to eat and veg in front of the TV.

Ok, that's all for now bloggers....