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Monday, May 16, 2005

All about snot

ACK... I know. That is a TERRIBLE title. But, I'm in hell right now. You see, I'm going to an allergist on Thursday because my allergies have been so bad this year. SO, they make me stop taking the miracle drug Claritin for 5 days before the appointment. Now, after yesterday being my last day, I'm dying. How is it that tiny little things you can't even see turn you into a freak with watery eyes and nose that is like a waterfall??? WTF???

This weekend was great. Friday we went to the Frisco Rough Riders baseball game. They are not very good this year but the park is always fun. We sat right in front of a girl who's boyfriend was on the team. His name is Brandon Larson and was in the majors for like 6 years. Nice girl. I hope he turns it around and makes it back.

Anyway, Saturday was a bit dicey. See, we had this party for Kelly's office buds. We do it every other month and someone's house where they cook dinner, we play some games and everyone hangs out. This month was at our house. So, we spend most of Saturday getting the house spotless and cooking. I was cooking this GREAT Louisiana pork loin dish. We go to get the pork loin out of the fridge in the garage. We discovered the door was cracked and things were starting to heat up in there. OH NO!!! After much debate we decided that the meat was ok to cook and went forward. In the back of my mind the whole dinner was, "I hope no one gets sick off this stuff." In the end it was fine. No one got sick and it tasted delicious (if I do say so myself).

Sunday we headed out on the boat where I attempted to ski in rough water with a rope that was too short behind a boat not really setup for slalom skiing. So, I busted. A lot. But, it was still fun. Then we anchored and chilled out for a while before heading home.

That's it. Not crazy funny stories. No knee-slappin' hilarious jokes to tell. Just a typical entry that makes you say, "What the ....?"