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Friday, April 01, 2005

Rain, rain... make 4 year old t-ball fun.

Ok, so yesterday I go to take C to t-ball practice. His very last practice before his very FIRST t-ball game on Saturday. We get out there, get ready, one, two..... RAIN! It started pouring. So, we all run back to the cars. Get the kids in and the Dad's all go over to the coach to get shirts and hats for the first game. There we are standing in the rain looking like drowned rats. Just as he gets all the stuff handed out, the rain stops. Great.

Ok, so we all go back out and practice. C was great batting. He ran the bases just right. He was standing on the pitcher's mound and two balls got by him and you would have thought someone punched him. Big tears in his eyes because he SO wanted to be good. Now, the challenge is explaining to a 4 year old that everyone lets balls get by them especially on the mound. It is just so sweet and funny all at the same time.

I'm sure you were all interested in the daily drama of four year olds. I know, I know... What the ....?