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Sunday, April 10, 2005

It makes you feel tingly.

Ok, so I'm having an odd morning. First, I'm suppose to be working. I'm on call and that means I sit for 6 hours by my PC eagerly waiting someone to call me with a problem I basically don't care about but are required to deal with.

Second, the kids are all running around, screaming, sometimes naked. As a side note, exactly when do you stop thinking its ok to run around naked in front of your parents? Sure, I run around naked in front of the wife, foolishly thinking that would make her interested, but I certainly don't go do it at my parent's house.

Third, I'm reading the THL blog entry about fake boobs and the fact she felt up her sister. Which is an odd combination with naked kids and work. But, I suppose its better than reading about how the Queen is now ok with Camilla. I mean, who cares.