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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Deck work...

Well, tonight I actually accomplished something. You see, most nights I come home, eat dinner and plop my rather ample ass in the chair to stare at the TV until time to hit the hay. On some occasions I post or surf the web. But not tonight. Tonight was different. Tonight I decided to make a difference in the world. Ok, that was an exaggeration. Not the world but at least in the backyard.

I gather up all the stuff needed to stain and seal the deck. What's funny about me, and I suspect many if not most guys, is that when we start a job such as this we think, "Man, I'm going to do this perfect." So, I start putting on the stain and I'm very careful not to let even a *drip* fall and ensure that every square inch is perfectly uniform. 10-15 min later, things are not so careful. An hour later, I'm slappin' that stuff down and just wanting it to be over.

FINALLY, I get finish... I come in, bath the kiddos (yes, it was my turn and the wifey was in *NO* mood to let me off the hook), bath myself and then start work.

Yep, you heard me. I actually did some work too. But, I finally made it out here to post my sad and boring life for all to read. I did have probably 3-4 readers but now after a 2 week hiatus, I suspect I have 1. That's ok. I'm an obscure artist....