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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Boats, like cars, can sometimes mean men are overcompensating

Today we went to the lake. First off, it was crazy ass windy. Like 20mph but we went anyway. I found that the *ONLY* place we could be was right close to the bridge. But, so was like 20 other boats. We spent some time anchored down there watching the other boats. We also spent some time at the marina watching the boats launch.

I see that people just keep doing things to their boats. I'm one of them as I plan to add 4 tower speakers, 2 amps and a powered sub-woofer. I must be overcompensating for something. :-)

We did see this one boat. It was a Tige I think and it was a pretty nice boat. Had the wakeboard racks, 4 tower speakers, the whole nine yards. What was funny was that it was filled with 8 teeny boppers. I sat their thinking, "How would anyone let their 17-18 year old kid go out with a $40,000 boat with all their friends?" I don't know, just seems like it is a disaster waiting to happen. They didn't pay much attention, almost ran into another boat, spent more time high fivin' each other and finally left. Then, just when I thought we wouldn't see them again, they came back and picked up 3 more people!!! 11 people in that boat that I'm SURE was only rated for 8 MAYBE 10 people. Man, I sound like a grumpy old man.

So, now I'm sunburned a bit, glad we went out and hoping we can go out next Sunday too. Gotta work Saturday and Sunday morning but maybe we can hit the water when I get done. Later bloggers... Off to do some Xbox.