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Friday, April 29, 2005

Baseball and being a dork

I got to go to the Texas Rangers game last night courtesy of my father-in-law. He snatched up 4 free tickets so I went with him, the bro-in-law and the kiddo. It was fun as always and traffic wasn't as bad as I remember it leaving the park. Of course, the game sucked because some dumb ass relief pitcher gave up a homer, a double, a walk and scored one on 2 wild pitches all in about 12 total pitches. Ridiculous.

Anyway, the kiddo liked it but we were up in the upper deck. For us it was great seats. For a 4 year old its like asking him to pay attention to something on another planet. He did enjoy the hot dogs, the popcorn and ice cream. He even watched some of the game.

I also thought I'd throw out something that showed, according to the wifey, that I'm a big dork. I like listening to Jack FM 100.3. I even listen on the web. I suppose that if I don't listen to 106.1 then I'm a dork. But, I'm proud of my dorkness. I embrace it.

Ok, this weekend will hopefully be another outing in the boat on Sunday. Ah... the beer.... the bikinis... the loud music.... oh wait... wake up. No bikinis.... likely minimal beer. The loud music will only be in spurts but I'll have the option keeping the kids happy... fun... :-)