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Monday, March 21, 2005

A wet dork

So, today on the way home I stop at Sam's. You know, the warehouse place where you can get oil, fritos, a tree, chicken and a wetsuit. Yes, that's right: a wetsuit. I heard they had them on sale there for $30. I went and it was true!!! Now, for $30 this is not the highest of all quality wetsuits. It was on 2mm in thickness so it is not as warm as some others. And it is a shorty meaning it has short sleeves and legs.

So, I squeeze my hefty ass into the thing when I get home. Not too bad but I do feel a bit like a sausage. You know, skin tight outside about to burst from the inside? But, it feels ok and now I wonder, "How well does this thing keep me warm?" Well, I can't really go jump in a lake at 8pm at night.

Side note here: I know some of you WISH I could go jump in a lake. But, I'll just say that isn't very nice.

So, back to the story. Here I am, 8pm with 2 screamin' kids, standing in the living room in a wetsuit. The picture of cool. Anyway, I head off to the only water around - the shower! I turn it on cold and jump in. Did pretty well. But, the legs and arm thing will be cold still. But, by mid-April the water temp should be into the mid 60's and I can probably jump right in. Now, I need to get a wakeboard so I don't have to slalom all the time. WOOHOO!

Admit it, you are just now getting up off the floor from falling down laughing at the thought of a 30+ fat guy in a wetsuit.