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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Swimming and a date, plus boat issues

Well, today has been interesting. Work was work. Nothing new there. But, after work I went to go buy my boat. But, there was trouble. See, I'm buying from a guy who is not a dealer but instead works for the manufacturer. Therefore he has never titled the boat but instead only had something called an MCO. Well, the damn credit union wouldn't take that. So, now we have to go back and have him title the boat and THEN I can buy it. So, we are still waiting on that.

Then, I get home and after some little tiffs with the wife over who was taking the kids to swim class and who was cooking supper, I end up at swim class. Kids are having a blast. I'm talking to the lady (Paige) who is there with her kid every week. In what can be described as odd but flattering, she asked if the wifey and I every socialize! They are new to the area and don't know that many people and though her kid and our kids could play while we all hung out and had a beer or two. It was like being asked on a couple's date! How fun!

Kelly and I have thought that we needed to get more people to hang out with so we might have to meet them. I have given her my email and cell # so we'll see what develops. Paige, if you find my blog and are reading this.... WOOHOO! New buddies! :-)

Ok, off to do some other equally useless thing.... Oh, but before I go. Has anyone started listening to podcasts? I listened to the Drew and Dana show for the first time the other day. A little fun but weird too. Podcasts are basically like radio shows done by amateurs and distributed via mp3's for people to listen to on their iPod like devices. Dawn and Drew have this huge following and they live like in the back country somewhere away from civilization. Too funny! Oh, you can just listen on your PC if you'd like to obviously...