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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Kids and puppies: a disaster waiting to happen

So, we had our first "incident" with the puppy. So, my kids really like the dog. They laugh and play and have a grand time. Its exactly what we wanted. Only one problem happened. The boy decided he wanted to pick her up... by her hind legs.... Well, now the dog limps. Sometimes she doesn't use her left hind leg at all. Great. Probably more vet bills. Just want I wanted.

Anyway, I'm not going to let that get me down. BECAUSE..... Tomorrow we are buying the boat! WOOHOO! We are picking it up after work. I'm SO excited. Saturday we are going out to ride around assuming the weather is nice. Then, on Sunday, we leave for Vegas. Not the best timing I know but hey, I'm living the high life here.

On top of that, the wifey got good news. I can't elaborate here, but let's just say it was good. SO, all in all its turning out to be a good March. :-)

No new movies to review. Just been playing Ghost Recon: Island Thunder online with my buddy E. We have a good time doing that online and makes for good, solid wasted evenings. I love not having school. :-)