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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Confessions of an eBayer

Yes, I'm sitting here hoping... watching... praying... that I win my auctions. I'm buying stereo gear for the boat on eBay. Its weird. You want to win but you don't want the price to go up. When it does, you are pissed because you aren't winning anymore. What a scam eBay has going on.

I'm hoping to get the boat stereo all tricked out. I'm putting in a power sub, tower speakers and a 450-watt amp to power the tower. We'll be all jammin' when we head down the lake. You know, the fat guy in a wet suit with two 4 year olds listening to Barney or something? :-)

I can't wait until summer really hits full swing. We can go out with our buds, drink a few beers (not TOO many for me since DUI applies on the water too), listen to tunes and play in the water. I formally invite all my buds to join me. Even those from far away! GettingReadyForHomework, THL, MartiniGal, Catwoman.... all of you guys should come out.

Ok. Off to watch eBay some more. :-|