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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Yawn'scers

I just finished watching some of the most boring television known to man. Look, I'm a fan of movies, but let's face facts here: the Oscars are boring. Why did I watch? Well, because Jamie Foxx is from Texas and the same hometown as my wifey. They went to the same high school. She was a freshman the year after he graduated. So, there is a normal need for us to see him do well.

That said, the entire 3 hours leading up to it was snooze central. This show is so boring that people change the channel to golf just to spice things up. Geez. The kicker is, I love movies. I watch them all the time. In fact, I just kinda stopped doing reviews on this site because I had been so busy with school. But, now that school is over, I'll be doing them again. In honor of that, here is my next movie review:

Big Fish
I'm a big guy. And, I like to think I'm a normal guy. You know, I like beer. I go to NASCAR races. I like fishing, hunting (some), bikini models, dirty jokes, and, oh, beer. Why is that relevant? Because this movie will make the most macho dude cry like a baby. But here was the hard part: I watched this movie on the plane. Now, since I was watching this on my personal DVD player, having people see me cry with no idea why or what I'm watching seemed like something I didn't want to have happen. So, instead, I had to keep stopping the movie over and over again to compose myself. Of course, the guy next to me thought I was an idiot. That said, I have to give this movie only 4 of 5 stars. The story was great. The acting I thought was good too. But it seemed to drag on just a bit. And I thought they played the "let see if we can get them to cry" card just a little too much.

I had trouble deciding on the audio options for this movie. I could watch it dubbed over in English. Or, I could watch it in native Mandarin with English subtitles. I tried both and ended up on the English subtitles. Phenomenal cinematography. However, I didn't like the "we can defy gravity" approach on some of the fight scenes. I know it was intentional but I didn't like it. The story was good though. 3.5 of 5 stars.

Ok bloggers... good night.