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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Tax Man Cometh... And He Kicketh My Ass

Sorry for the long delay since posting last. I've been crazy busy with work and school and other non-interesting stuff. I'm t-minus 2 weeks until the hell I know as school is finished forever. So, I will be spotty with posting as I have to bust my ass on the final huge project paper over the coming days.

So, today I break down and put in all the stuff for tax into TurboTax Web. Pretty easy really: gather up your papers, log into the site, punch in the data, verify, have heart attack.

You see, we have a nanny. And nannies have to have taxes deducted and paid on your taxes. So, I did them and realized that I have to pay some crazy ass amount (which I refuse to post here so that the IRS guy reading this won't check on it). Anyway, I can't believe how much I owe!!! So much I may have to seriously consider putting off my boat purchase until next year. WHAT THE ....? Yes, that's right. You heard it. I may have to put off purchasing that wonderful thing, that darling toy, that fantastic piece of machinery just to PAY THE DAMN TAX GUY.

God, if you are reading this, please make the government stop spending money on saving the spotty rat or the mucus goat. You know you accidentally created those things on a dare from Jesus. Oh, and make sure that IRS guy reading this forgets the URL.

Anyway, I'm just depressed now because I see how much freaking money they take. Geez. Ok, off to do school. Damn it.