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Friday, February 25, 2005

Posted via war driving! :-)

So, I've been so bad about posting this week. The kicker is, I'm not sure why.
I've been in SJ in a hotel with not much to do. But instead, I just watched TV.
Is that an indication blogging has lost its luster? I don't think so since NOW
I'm sitting in a restaraunt and typing a blog post. I'm pissed about it though.
Last time I was here, they had a add up staying that they had wireless access. Now
that I'm here, I'm finding out that they don't. So, I'm pissed.

The big question is this: is it sad to eat alone at a restaraunt? I use to think so
before I started traveling. Then, I felt weird doing it. But as I got older, I now
realize that eating in the room by yourself is just as boring and sad as eating out.
So, now I go out, eat at the bar and do work. Or blog. Or chat with the same type
of person sitting next to me who is alone.

Last night I even went to the movies by myself. That is only weird at 2 times.
First when you walk in all the "couples" check you out. They are probably thinking
"how sad for that guy". Second, when you bust out laughing all by yourself. But
even then I don't really care.

If we just had wireless more places I could IM with friends and such to keep myself
occupied while eating. But, not everyone has it (namely this joint). But here's the
real kicker. I'm eating out today by myself in my own hometown. Why? Because I
have to pick up the wife at 4pm and it is now 1:30p. Going home to see the kids only
to leave again real soon would just make us both pissed. Alternately, I could drag
them with me to get her but then I'd have to tote them to the car dealership where
we have to go after to get her car. It just makes more sense to wait and go home
after I pick her up.

I can't wait to go home though. I got the kids toys and I always love it when I come
home after being gone and they run over and jump on me. Then want to see what I
brought them. It's like a scene from a movie sometimes.

Ok bloggers, I'll post this as soon as I get some wireless access. Who knows when
that will be.