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Monday, February 07, 2005

Poop, swimming and data analysis

Isn't that just a great title? One of my favorite things now is to put together titles that string together what would normally be random terms. Only, if you look at my activities since my last post, each of these things are involved.

So, first off, sorry for the long time since my last post. But don't say I didn't warn you. School is killing me. But, I'm 9 days away from being done. That's the positive. The negative is I have a HUGE paper to write on a project that never really took off. So, I'll be taking some "creative liberty" in order to finish it on time. Starting tomorrow you will see even less of me than you have already. But, by Wednesday of next week, I'll be all done. WOOHOO.

So, on to my title. First off, we got a new dog. A black and white Cocker Spaniel who we have affectionately named "Oreo". Some may say that is not very nice to scar a dog based on the color of her coat. But, in my world, one where 3 year old rule, Oreo being a favorite cookie immediately became the favorite dog name. But, as with anything fun, there is a down side. Poop. Poop by the couch. Poop on the deck. Poop in the bedroom. Have I mentioned that housebreaking sucks? The good news is she doesn't cry very much in the crate. And, she knows how to pee outside. We just have to work on the poop. Poop. Nasty but a fun word. Poop.

So, tonight was the kids first swim class. They had a good time. Both want to swim really bad but each have some trouble holding their breath. They always end up choking when they try to put their face in the water. We'll be practicing that more in the bath tub.

Oh, the data analysis part of the title comes from school School sucks. Poop. Swimming. See, it all ties together. Now, if I could just analyze how to poop while swimming...