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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Paypal donations accepted

Ok, so the wifey and I took the Yamaha AR230 out for a demo ride today. Here's my thought:


This boat is so much fun. First off, it is big. 23 feet worth of big. About 4 feet or so is this big ass swim patio on the back that will be so cool to hang out in and have a cold one during the hot Dallas summers. Second, it is so nimble. The thing turns on a dime. I mean I can turn the boat in about 10-15 foot radius when I'm going 30mph. It is incredible.

So, we were impressed. And, we are going to get it. This summer (and all summer's following) are going to be a blast. I'm taking all my friends out all the time. WOOHOO!

Now, I just have to give up some things just to make the financing work. That lawn guy I had mowing my lawn? Well, now its me cause I'm free. Oh, and the maid service every 3 weeks? Well, that's me and the wifey. Oh, at those $50 outings to dinner with drinks and dessert? Gone. But, that is because we will have SO much fun on this boat it won't matter.

I know, some of you are like, "Are you kidding? You would rather give up all that stuff just to get a boat?" I had a boat for a few years and gave up the boat when the kiddo's were born. Now, I want it back. So, yes, I'll give it all up. Its a ton of fun on the lake. Come with me and you'll see.

So, next week I'll be arranging all the financing and getting a closing date set. Now, I just need warm weather.

It's weird not having any more school work to do. I'm here just reading about the Yamaha and doing nothing. With my school being done and my other business closed down now, I have a lot more free time. I think I'll start trying to do some workouts at night. Maybe ride the bike or go for a walk. Get in better shape for the summer wakeboarding!