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Monday, February 14, 2005

Hitler is a professor

Yes, my professor in my VERY LAST CLASS seems to be a born again Hitler. He has decided to sit himself up on his high horse and proclaim he is great and all of us are terrible at business and research. Funny, I seem to remember that I've been in business and doing research for years. Funny, I seem to be pretty damn successful last time I checked.

Our last team paper he made some shitty as comment like "Here's a clue for future reference: If your conclusion contains only 3 sentences, check to see you have hard analysis of the subject matter". Then he gives us 7 of 10 points which also proves he's an idiot since the point assignment was suppose to be 15.

Oh, and here's the kicker... he posts this to the entire class:

I have returned the papers back to all teams with my comments in red. I have to express some disappointment with most of the work this week. Only one team clearly excelled in all aspects of this assignment. I understand that there was some confusion, and I can appreciate that. But I would imagine there is always some confusion in your real work lives that gets in the way as well. Remember: P=C-I. Performance of your team = Capabilities of the team minus any interference. Some of you made this assignment too difficult. I expect greater things with all of your individual final projects.
If you have questions or feel the need to challenge the grade, you know where I can be found. :D

WHAT AN ASS! God, I can't wait for this class to be over and for me to get my grade. Cause once I do, and I know its posted to the system, I'm sending this prick an email and let him know just where he can stick his damn papers. Now, I know, its class. He's suppose to push us. But, he can do it with a little respect. He can do it with a little professionalism. Jesus, this guy is the reason they came up with that phrase, "Those who can't, teach."

Ok... I feel better.