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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Wow, how long was that?

Well, I just got back into town. 14 hours in the car just now. I've been home about 45 minutes and wanted to do something back in my old routine. So, I thought BLOG!

Here's the trip recap for those who care. For those that don't, go google or something.

Left on Christmas day to head out to my parents. Got there and just chilled until Sunday. All family came over Sunday for dinner, presents and the like. I think everyone had a good time. Monday morning, got up and went on to Silverthorne, CO. That was about a 10 hour drive so we were pretty beat when we got there. But, we were excited to be in the mountains on our annual ski trip.

Tuesday we hit the slopes at Copper Mountain. It has become my favorite ski resort after this trip. Day 1 was mostly just cruisin' around and getting use to being on the snow again. Of course K and B skied hard but they always do. The wifey and I took it a bit easier and the wifey's Dad skied with us on Day 2 as well.

Day 2 was the first time the kids were in ski school. We had no intention of putting them in ski school when we went. But they had a thing for 3 year olds. It was SO much fun to watch them. We only skied in the morning mostly and spent the afternoon watching them. They played in the snow but they had skis and boots. If they wanted to ski they could, if they didn't the instructors just played with them. They could go inside if they got cold, eat snacks etc. But, making me so proud, each of them wanted to ski almost the whole time! They could actually get on the little "Magic Carpet" conveyor belt by themselves, on skis, and ski down the little 20-30 foot bunny hill. AT 3 YEARS OLD!!! How proud am I???

Day 3 was the day to hit snowmobiles with the wifey's dad while the wifey and her mom shopped. K & C skied Copper again. The snowmobiles were challenging to get to due to weather that day. At one point going there (WAY up the mountain pass) I thought we should turn around the weather was so bad. But, we made it, jumped on the machines and headed out. The first group we were with was really slow so the tour guide hooked us up with another group moving faster (more our style). We went WAY up the mountain almost to the summit. Somehwere around 12,500 feet. It was like Mt. Everest conditions. Almost a total white out, freezing temps.

I know, you are asking, "Why the hell would you do that?" Well, because as long as you don't have skin exposed, it really isn't cold. And, once we were down a bit from the summit behind the tree line, the view of the mountains at 12,000 feet is just breathtaking. And, only a small number of people ever go up to that area of the mountains. It is only reachable by snowmobile. Very cool.

So, we get back and a small trauma. I had left the wifey's $300+ camera in the snowsuit provided by the tour company. Needless to say, she was pissed. I called the company and they said they would look for it. Waiting a while, I still felt terrible so I called back and asked if they would still be ther at 6pm on the mountain. The lady said they should be so the wifey's dad and I set out to go back. Crappy driving conditions again only this time at night. We managed to get there and in about 5 minutes wifey's dad found the suit and the camera (and saved my ass in the process). We headed back down for a better evening of watching the wifey be happy and seeing Texas Tech kick the crap out of Cal!! YEAH!!!!

Day 4 was off to ski Vail. Now, I don't really like Vail. Not because of the mountain. In fact, it is one of the more impressive ski areas in Summit County. I just don't like it because it feels a bit pretenious. However, it did have good skiing. And, it was the hardest day skiing with the most stories.

We go up the mountain and K & B convince me to go down Sun Down Bowl. A black run. Now, I *can* ski black runs but I don't like to. Too much work and hard skiing for me. Anyway, I go and of course it is like ankle deep powder, straight the hell down and I'm burning up hot. I manage to get down it after like 10 falls, bitching all the way. We take a break and ski some slightly easier (although not easy) stuff after lunch.

Then, the wifey and I decide to head on down and go to the condo and pack. We start down and get to a point where we have to decide to take the long way back or ski one more black straight down to the base. We opt for the black. The first 3/4 of the run was actually easier than some blues we skied that day. Then, the last part....

I drop of the ledge and in about 0.5 seconds my skis are out from under me due to a huge sheet of ice and I slide down about 150-200 feet doing what felt like 50mph. I manage to stop without killing myself and yell back the wifey, "Good luck". She steps off and BAM! Skis are out from under her and she is sliding straight at me screaming 'WATCH OUT!" She manages to stop before she hits me (about 10 feet to spare).

Once down we laugh it off and realize that ended our 2005 ski trip. I suppose it will make it a memorable one!

And, now we are home. Back to blogs, email, work, responsibilities, school, ack....