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Friday, January 28, 2005

When pigs fly.

Yep, its Friday and our culture here is in full swing. Someone decided to bring in a toy pig with wings. The pig hangs from the ceiling and flys around. So, that leads to all types of comments this person must endure:

  • Hey! You finally are going to get to wear the pants in the family!
  • Wow, are you planning to actually work today now?
  • I guess you'll be better looking by tomorrow
  • You'll be getting a raise now!
I can see this will be a fun day.

For those that DON'T know, and for those who care, I listen to country music some. I listened to it more when I was young but now I've broaden my range. Anyway, you just have to love a song from George Strait which is a cover of an old Bob Will's song called 'Big Balls in Cowtown'. Man, you can have some fun with that song too!

And, Bob Wills stirs up all kind of memories. No, damn it, I'm not THAT old. But, I lived growing up not far from Turkey, Texas where Bob Wills was from. So, every year they had a big bluegrass festival. We went several times as high schoolers. Nope, not because we actually listened to bluegrass. Nope, not because we were forced to go. We went because it was a big old party. Even our parents would let us kick back a few. BTW, I plan to NEVER do that kind of crap with my kids. Anyway, we would drink and have fun and all just get hammered. It was a ton of fun. Now, whenever I listen to Big Balls in Cowtown I get all nostalgic.