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Monday, January 31, 2005

What is it with the Oscars?

Ok, so I love movies. I do. I watch them all the time via my wonderful subscription to Blockbuster.com. But what is it with all the Oscar buzz? I really don't like watching awards shows all that much. MAYBE I'll watch the grammy's so I can hear some good tunes. But the Oscars are all just "I'd like to thank [fill in the blank here with names you never know]. Also I could not have got here without God. And, fight AIDS. The war is wrong. Watch my next film due out in a month. Thank you."

Some of the women have on interesting dresses. Sexy. Ugly. Strange. The men always were a black tux. No need to deviate from what works I suppose. So other than that, what the .... ? is so exciting?

I do see that Chris Rock is hosting. I actually like CR a lot but I can't believe he will be as funny being heavily censored. You know, all the networks are now freaked out and sensitive about stuff since the nipple incident with Janet Jackson. I but that's something you don't see at this year's halftime show! :-)

As for the rest of the happenings around for me, nothing new. Work was busy. School still sucks. One of two kids is trying to sleep without their rail tonight. I suspect at about 3am he will fall out and come crying into my room. Sleep hard, fall hard is my motto. Still dying for the boat... it's only a matter of time before I start selling stock to buy it... I need my crack. :-)