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Friday, January 21, 2005

Technology names... What the ....?

Is there some secret organization that has begun to think up technology names? I was just sitting here thinking about my headset I use on my phone. Its cool, wireless... you know... Bluetooth.


What the hell is that anyway? Is that like some ancient chief's name who was the first Indian chief to master smoke signals? Or is it the nickname of cousin Buford who finally stopped trying to use two cans with string and just started yelling instead? (Wireless.. haha... I crack myself up). I just never really knew who thinks up this crap.

I bought a new music player. First off, mp3 maybe I can understand. It is an acronym for something more. But, my PLAYER'S name is a Zen Xtra. Zen? Do I suddenly feel enlightened when I listen to this thing? And what about the Xtra part? Is the naming group so lazy they can't put the damn E on it?

Really, we have GOT to get into some more common sense crap here. Like, calling Bluetooth something like, oh, I don't know, WIRELESS. Perhaps I'm overly harsh. I do work for a tech company that does the same stuff. But hey, I'm not in marketing so I can complain.