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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Smell my pig!

Kids say the weirdest things sometimes. If you don't have a kid, I highly recommend you get one (or two in my case). That is unless you are a crack whore, you are a 13 year old teen age girl or boy, you are a 67 year Ukranian resident or just feel generally psychologically unstable. Other than that I say go for it.

Tonight we were eating dinner and K wanted me to play "spider" with my hand. Its a game I do often and I acted like the spider was smelling her dinner (pizza). Well, she decides to blurt out "SMELL MY PIG!!!" She had a toy pig in her hand. I thought that was hilarious. You, the reader, probably think its dumb but since I'm the writer here, deal with it. :-)

Its going to be my new catch phrase. Anytime someone tells me something I don't like, I'm just going to yell "SMELL MY PIG!". It might be weird if you are in law enforcement. Or, you are an actual farmer with an actual pig.