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Monday, January 17, 2005

Ok, I'm back... for now.

Yep, I was on a break from the blog. WHY? Well, let's just say this thing isn't nearly as anonymous as it should be. So, I'll be posting with just a hint more of censorship. Clearly I need to realize that this is read by more people than I realize so, let's just be honest here:

Censorship=no trouble

As for the happenings in What the ...? land, I've made a temporary jump to Linux. I've decided to try and ditch Windoze and try a new OS. Why? Because I'm a dork and as a manager I never do technical crap anymore. So, I'm running Xandros 3.0. It's like a baby Linux to get me going. So far I like it with 2 exceptions. One, I haven't got the sound working yet. But, the support team is helping me (came with 30 days free) so I expect that to get resolved in the next few days. Two, I can't run Quicken without buying a product called Crossover. I probably will buy it once I know for sure I want to stick with this OS.

School sucks. I got my grade back for my first paper in this class. Got a 70%!!!! Holy crap. That's like the kiss of death in grad school. So, I have to double my efforts over the next 4 weeks and try to pull out this last class. It would suck to fail my very last class. I got some kind of comments like "The paper seemed like a stream of conscieneness writing. You use simple sentences." WTF? Since this is the *NEW* censored blog, I'll refrain from further comment.

Anyway, I'm heading out to do the dog and pony show in Phoenix. I have to go get the crap kicked out of me by some customers who hate us. So, I'll post if I have any ass left on Wed.