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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Gross man, just gross

Do you every have friends send you stuff via email that you never want to see? I do and today was a whopper. I'll admit it, I'm a bit squeamish at times. I don't throw up at the drop of a dime but I certainly don't go looking for gross stuff.

You remember that kid back in grade school? You know the one. The kid that always want you to touch that frog, taste this, feel that. There was always one. Well, I wasn't that kid. Don't get me wrong, I did my share of boy stuff. I tried to catch horny toads and such but it wasn't my obsession.

Anyway, so today I get this email from a friend we'll call Dude. Well, Dude didn't put anything with the message other than "Didn't someone search this guy?" So, I play the clip. Some guy comes into an office that appears to be a police interrogation room. Well, after about a minute of nothing happening, the first guy leaves. Once he leaves, the guy remaining pulls out a gun and shoots himself. ACK!

I mean, I didn't need to see that crap! I wanted to scream out DUDE!!! What the .... did you just send me? Only, I can't because of the guy code.

Guy code explained:

So, the guy code in this regard means you have to act like you aren't bothered by it. You have to just say, "Man that was gross" and move on. If not, everyone gives you shit about it for weeks maybe years. If you scream out, "I was almost sick. I can't stand that stuff." then you'll get it every time. So, I just said the standard, "That was gross." The guy code is very complex.

So, now I have that whacked out video in my head. I'll probably have freakin nightmares. Just great. Thanks Dude.

No back to your regularly scheduled programming. Which, I'm sure, is much more violent.