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Monday, January 10, 2005

Did you miss me?

Ok, so I've been on blog vacation since Friday. Yep, I've been doing non-blogging activities. What? Yes, it's true. On rare occasions I have a life outside blogs. Not many times but some.

Sunday, I went an played 9 holes with the wifey's Dad and brother-in-law. We took my too kiddos as well. What is most interesting about golfing with two 3 year olds is the complete lack of golf etiquette. I mean, what is this world coming to when a 3 year old doesn't know that you shouldn't screem out "Daddy! Where is my ball?" while Daddy is in the middle of his backswing? The world is crazy when they run and move your ball on the green so they can hit right where you are at. Someone needs to teach them golf at a much earlier age. Perhaps we should have some type of golf device for the womb. I should get Mr. P over at SugarMrPoon? to develop that since he seems such an avid golfer.

As for the remainder of the time away from my blog, well, mostly it has been school. Which sucks. Even though it is my last class it still sucks. Even though I've only been doing it 5 days it still sucks. Sucks.... sucks...

What is most depressing is that I haven't been able to spend ANY time doing the highly useful Ghost Recon online xbox game. I can't believe that I have to waste perfectly good GR time doing crappy stuff like strategy formation and project planning. Geez.

Oh, I finally quit protesting Catwoman for being so long between posts. And, I have to give a hearty CONGRATS to her on her news. I'll expect my copy of the paternity test.... :-)