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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Damn I'm big... or the seat is small.

I get to the airport and jump on the bus go to the terminal. Nothing eventful to note but the guy on the bus with me looked like Jack Palance from City Slickers. You know the old guy that looks like a piece of leather with a cigarette? The funny thing about the bus was that I decided to listen to my Zen. I put on a comedian named Rodney Carrington and while we were driving I found myself trying not to bust out in laughter right there on the bus. I look over and the other 3 people on the bus, include Mr. Leather, were looking at me like "What kind of a freak is this guy?" But, how can you not laugh outloud when you hear about a guy doing a "helicopter" while naked. If you have to ask, I don't want to explain.

So, I get off the bus and head out to the gate. I guess the gate agent was in a hurry to load the plane because once they started boarding she was like a little gate Nazi and was calling all the groups at one time. So, like a heard of mad cow disease ridden heffers, we all rushed the jetway and then promptly stood there for 10 minutes. Isn't that time always a bit awkward? People making small talk, looking at every piece of the wall just avoid eye contact.

Then, I get on the plane and find that, unfortunately, this plane had not been refurbished with the larger seat room. So, I soon realized that either the seat was really small or my ass was really big. I could barely even get the laptop out to try and do some work. I managed to get some done while watching the two people next to me trying to read what I was typing. Like they care about some dumb ass school paper.

So, after 2.5 hours and my bladder about to burst, we pile off the plane. I head to get the rental and noticed that out of 10 people on the bus, 9 of them were on the cell phone. How the hell did people function without cell phones? Of course, eavesdropping (something I do very well) I realize it was all just "blah blah blah... I'll be there soon... blah blah blah"

I head out to the hotel and stop by Wendy's on the way for a bit of dinner. I get to the hotel to check in and the lady is eyeing my bag of food. Either she was really hungry or she was judging me for eating junk food at 8:30 at night. HEY BITCH, DON'T JUDGE ME! :-)

Next, I finally beat the crap out of my writer's block and managed to get my paper done. Hopefully the instructor will like this one better than the first. If not, I expect some reader to take care of him. *wink* *wink*

So, here I am in the hotel, just hanging out wishing SOMEONE was on IM that I could waste time with. But no, everyone is sleeping... slackers...