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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Boats, eBay and light brites

Well, I'm almost crazy. Yep, I went to the boat show this year KNOWING I should not go. I went because I can't resist. You know, you see those crack whores on the street (well, I saw them on an HBO documentary because I go nowhere near that area of town) and they are doing anything to get a little more crack. I'm the same with boats. I've resisted the urge for almost 4 years since my kids were born to get another one. But this year, I'm almost too overcome. I'm on the brink of getting another one. VERY sweet ride.

Q. Should I spend the money?
A. No.

Q. Is it just an impulse buy?
A. Yes.

Q. Does it mean giving up things at home like lawn service?
A. Yes

Q. Will I buy one anyway?
A. There a good chance.

SO, I'm trying to figure out what, when and where I want to buy this boat. I know, all you readers out there, my 3 loyal fans, think exactly what I named this blog. "What the ....? You don't need a boat and you certainly don't need to spend that much money on one." I don't care, I need my crack.

So, to get our minds off the boat, the wifey and I started another weekend of selling on eBay. We seem to do pretty good on there selling all the kids clothes. No, we don't let them go naked you fool. Old clothes that they can't wear is what gets sold. What is funny is the kids are standing around when we are taking the pictures and say, "What are you doing with my favorite shirt?" I'm like, "You haven't worn this in over a year!" To which they reply, "But it is still my favorite."

SO, we sent them off to play with the Lite Brite. You remember those things? A bulb so bright it can scald your eyes. Punch in the little pegs in an attempt to make something look like a sick giraffe? YEP, they love it.

Ok, off to more fun crap. Have to start on taxes for the old business. And, I have to find some damn way to get past these last 2.5 weeks of school. I'm procrastinating so bad there I'm likely to get a B at best. ACK.