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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

1!!! 2!!!! 5!!!! (uh, 3 sir)... 3!!!!

Yep, I'm all done with work. Just finished. No, not everything you moron, just the work for today. SO, I'm off with the boys tonight. My buddy J and another manager E is in from out of town so we are off to do boy stuff. You know, sports bars, beer, and the like.

Now, I know not all girls shop excessively but I'd be willing to bet more do than don't. So, that's a girl type activity. At least it is for the wifey. I think they like to shop in packs. They stalk their prey, that cute red shirt, like it is a wounded deer laying in the forest and they are a bunch of rabid wolves. Its just not fun to hunt...err... shop alone. They want to do it in packs.

So is the same with guys. We don't want to head out to a sports bar alone. Then you just look pathetic sitting there drinking by yourself. Someone will walk up and give you an AA brochure. So, we are going out in a pack tonight.

I managed to sneak in a little school work today while at my day job so I get to skip out on it tonight. Thank God. I'm really thinking that grad school is someone's sadistic idea of a joke. But, hell, I'm almost done so the joke will be on them.

Just to ramble a bit, I have this thing my mom gave me as a stocking stuffer. It is a gyroscope that is suppose to help with things like crappy tunnel syndrome (yes, I know I misspelled it). It is from some company called "Dyna-Flex". What is weird about this thing is that I can't stop messing with it. Which would be ok except when I'm doing it, it ends ups sounding like some kind of V-8 equipped vibrator. In an effort to reduce the noise, I did it a few times under my desk only to find people walking by the office with a perplexed and disgusted look on their face. Of course, why they would assume I was doing something inappropriate is beyond me given my clean-cut normal behavior... ;-)

Now, I have to spend like 5 minutes explaining to each damn person why I'm messing around with this vibrating ball and how, despite its sound, it really is for good health and not some whacked out sex toy. At least I now know all my peers' minds are in the gutter too. I feel so at home....