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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

XBox Live - Now I'm really in trouble

Ok ladies and jellyspoons (not so subtle Eddie Izzard reference there), I signed up for Xbox live.  Apparently, there is even more ways to waste time that blogging and surfing eBay.  Now I can play XBox with the 15 million other 13 year olds (or those 30 somethings pretending to be 13) and kill each other's video characters.  What I love about Xbox Live and the 13 year olds are their gaming names.  I suppose that is how you can tell an older person from a younger one.  Mine is my standard login to everything.  No need to get cute I say.  But once I get into the Live gaming site, you'll see notes like:
2Hot2Kill shoots PlzDntShootMe
CrzyBlndDmbAss blows up HngLikeAHrse
Now, on a rare occasion, I find the names amuzing.  Most of the time I'm thinking, "What the ....?"  I guess I'm so far past 13 that I can't get the humor.  Old, I know... old.  Regardless, I plan to play Live with my *old* buddies and do stupid things for 30 somethings.  But, my moto is you are as young as you feel.  And, video games are still cool even if I'm 30 something.
So all you non-gamers out there.  Go right out to Best Buy, get yourself an Xbox and start gaming.