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Monday, December 13, 2004

We have depression!

Ok, so for this fine Monday morning, we'll start with a little movie review.  So, we get this movie called Raising Helen.  Looks like a cute romatic comedy kinda movie with Kate Hudson (mmmm...., not that I looked) and the guy from Sex in the City named John Corbet.  Started off somewhat cute and then about 15 minutes into the film... BAM.  Depression.  The entire movie was just heart wrenching.  Wow, shouldn't movies like that come with warning labels or something.  Like the could have ratings: G, PG, PG13, R, NC17, X and KYAS (Kick Your Ass Sad).  I suppose that if I had not become a parent I would have thought this was just a normal movie.  But as a parent this was just crushing.  The wifey said it made her more sad that Bridges of Madison County.  Now that's saying something considering she opens up like a water faucet at that one.  SO, we both agree to never ever watch that movie again.  I don't need that kind of anquish from watching a movie on Sunday night.  Dang.
As a side note, the wifey really likes the new ride.  I've driven it and it was money.  Peppy.  Comfortable.  Greatness....