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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday and still lazy

Good morning bloggers. So, this morning I have a large list of
honey-do's. Yet, here I am blogging and surfing. What does this tell
us? Well, that I still have ADD even when not at work. It seems that
it carries with you all the time.

The question is, can I find a stash of children's meds somewhere. For
those of you who are dorky enough like me to watch Desperate
Housewives you'll know it helps. :-)

Ebay - good site or some evil plot
to take over the world? Yes, we have been doing a ton of eBay lately.
The wifey is addicted to buying kids clothes. I'm trying to sell
stuff. How the hell does one site make us so unproductive? Anyway,
we are certainly trying to get some business going on there. We'll
see how it goes.

Ok, seriously, off to do some work.