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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Pathetic really

So, yesterday I sent a post that never made it.  First, let me recap that one:
Nothing happened.  Nothing to say.  Goodbye.
Ok, so, as if that weren't pathetic enough, here's today's post:
I've realized that I'm an even bigger dork than I thought.  Last night on the way home, I stopped by my addiction Best Buy and bought an Xbox Live headset (for all your English majors out there, is it 'an Xbox Live headset' or is it 'a Xbox live headset'?  Does X qualify as a vowel?  Man I suck.)  Anyway, so I get the headset and rush home.  Do all the kids stuff, pay bills (ack) and wrap some gifts.  Kids off to bed, wifey getting a new 'do until 9p.  I'm off to Xbox Live land.
Now, why is that pathetic?  Because during my play, I think I only heard 13 year old yet I still listened.  I didn't chat with them because, let's face it, I can't stand to look like a dork to 13 year olds and all my blog fans.  If I started talking they would all be like "OH MY GOD some old guy is on here. RUN!"  So, I just lurked around and played as if I didn't have voice ability.
Luckily, my friend E saved the day at about 10:30 by logging on and we hit some Ghost Recon together.  Tons of fun especially with voice ability.  But, it is a sad state of affairs when two 30 somethings spend 2 hours playing video games.  I just can't help it.  Who wants to do something useful when you get to sit on your ass and do nothing? 
In other news, only 9 more days.... :-)