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Monday, December 06, 2004

Ok, how long until Friday?

I really hate Mondays. If we have 3 day weekends, I really hate
Tuesdays. Its not the actual day I hate but the fact I have to come
to work again. I always hear how you are suppose to "do something
that you love". Well, I suppose I don't love my job because I
certainly don't want to be here. Don't get me wrong, I like the
people that I work with and the company is great. But who really
wants to work? I'd rather stay at home, surf eBay or some equally
useless time waster and basically do nothing.

So, last night we were dangerously close to a disaster. C decided to
run through the house with a new toy he had which was a ball on a
string so he could throw it and it come back. Sounds harmless enough,
right? Well, at about 9pm just before bedtime routines, he was
running through the dining room and nails a plate holder with 3 plates
of the wifey's china in it. ***CRASH****

So, after some gentle, loving, hug-filled swats on the rear, he was
off to stay in his bed while we cleaned up the mess. So, first, he's
lucky he didn't get cut at all by all the broken plates. Second, he's
lucky the wifey didn't strangle him for breaking 3 plates that we
thought were irreplaceable. Finally, he's lucky we found Replacements.com because we
already had 3 new ones ordered before he was even asleep. $100 for 3
plates. Man, C owes me some solid chore time in the future.

As for movie reviews and the such, let's start with LadyKillers. A
somewhat cute flick but I just didn't really get into it. I thought
Tom Hanks did an ok job but seeing Marlon Wayans in a
movie with Tom Hanks
just seemed a bit like having someone put prune juice in your coffee.
Not to mention a somewhat childish ongoing joke in the movie about IBS. So, 3 of 5 stars from me.
And I might even go as low at 2.5 if you press me on it.

One more review: The 5
People You Meet in Heaven
. This was a TV movie that I really
thought was very good. Maybe I was just in that mood but I was
somewhat moved by this movie. I did miss parts of it as this is during
the above mentioned disaster, but the parts I saw I thought were
fantastic. The story was all about one man's life and how he touched
so many people he never thought he touched (no, not in that way you
sicko... :-) It starred Jon Voight who, quite
frankly, is a bit odd looking. How he fathered Angelina Jolie is
beyond me. But, he did a very good job in this role. 4 of 5 (not
higher because of commercial breaks - should have been on HBO or

Ok bloggers, more later as I find comment worthy news....