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Thursday, December 16, 2004

My IM session with Santa

[13:42] wtf: Hi Santa
[13:42] SantaClaus: Hey. Its you again. You spreading that Christmas spirit?
[13:42] wtf: No, I hate Christmas
[13:42] SantaClaus: Well that won't due. Type menu and the elves and I will get you rolling.
[13:42] wtf: Why?  I don't want to spend tons of money on useless crap.
[13:42] SantaClaus: Oh dear. I'm doing everything I can here. Sorry, I just don't know. The elves left some notes, however. If you type, 'home' you can see them.
[13:42] wtf: Who's running the show there?  You or the elves?  You fat ass.
[13:42] SantaClaus: All of the elves have been very busy helping me get ready for Christmas. I don't know what I'd do without them.
[13:43] wtf: Flop and be a huge failure I suppose.
[13:43] SantaClaus: Oh, Dear. It's the elves again isn't it? Try typing menu; I've got a plan to get you in the Christmas spirit.
[13:43] wtf: What is it with the elves?  You got some sort of elve fetish?  In fact, what is it with little things?  Kids, elves they are kind of the same.
[13:43] SantaClaus: Now, now... That's simply just too much for elves and me to understand in one go. Could you try asking something a little shorter?
[13:43] wtf: Are you a perv?
[13:43] SantaClaus: Could be.
[13:44] wtf: Figures.  You freak.
[13:44] SantaClaus: Be nice.
[13:44] wtf: So you'll come to my house and bring me crap I don't need or want?
[13:44] SantaClaus: Oh my! =-OI might be able to help out there. You can always type, 'Tell Santa' and I'll be happy to listen to all of your wishes!
[13:45] wtf: Ok. Ok. Tell Santa he is a perv who has fetish for elves and children.
[13:45] SantaClaus:
Well, I think of every child as part of my family.
[13:45] wtf: Yeah, your freaking cult like child molesting family.
[13:45] SantaClaus: Merry Christmas. Bye!
[13:45] wtf: You cutting me off?
[13:45] SantaClaus: Sorry the elves didn't get that.  ;-)
[13:46] wtf: No shit Sherlock.
[13:46] SantaClaus: I'm only asking you to ask me another way. No need to get so testy.