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Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Guilty Pleasure of Whataburger

Last night the wifey had to work late so I was in charge of dinner for the me and the kiddos.  Sure, I could have whipped up some veggies, grilled chicken with just a hint of lemon-pepper.  Maybe even put a little parsley for presentation.  But then it occurred to me.  Why do that when just down the street is something heaven sent: WHATABURGER!  Ah, the sweet nectar of life.  2 all beef patties, special sauce.... err... wait... wrong place.
Anyway, why is it that all food that you love is so bad for you?  Is it some kind of joke God is playing on us?  Are you suppose to feel guilt with every bit?  Oh well, too late now.  The kids loved their chicken strips and I managed to force my way through a hamburger.  I do hope that some radically advanced medical company finally discovers that secret pill.  You know, the one you take with every Whataburger that makes all the bad stuff ok and the good stuff even better?  Ok, I'll wake up now.
Last night was a TV instead of movie night.  Didn't even Xbox!  I watched Lost again along with Scrubs.  I think I like Scrubs so much because the humor is so off the wall.  If life could only be that way...:-)
You know, nothing feels better than knowing you will be leaving work today to start a 3 day weekend.  That's right folks, I'll be on vacation tomorrow!  It's like getting an early Christmas present.  You get to make Thursday, typically just an ok day, into a great day because it becomes the new Friday.  I wonder if all the other days get jealous of Friday?  I mean, everyone loves Fridays.  Fridays are like the hip, cool day.  Well, maybe Saturday isn't jealous.  Maybe Friday is the cool day but Saturday is the day every other day wants to be.  Its the day that gets to have all the parties.  Its always got cool things happening while other days, like Wednesday, is known as hump day.  I feel sorry for Wednesday.  Hump day?  Would you like to be know as the Hump person?  Wait... don't answer that....
Yeah, I know...  WHAT THE ....?