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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

God why can't I have $1000 of disposable income

So, yesterday we went off to Willowbend Mall over in Plano.  First off, I like the mall because it has some pretty cool shops and is never crowded.  But, I did feel a bit odd in there with the two yahoos because it was like I kept seeing people look at us like "Egad!  Small children!"  So, not sure how much we'll go there but they are one of the only malls that have both a Sharper Image and a Mac Store.  Anyway, we are off to Sharper Image to buy a gift for Kelly's Dad.  While she is shopping, I sit down in this massage chair.  I mean seriously, whoever designed this thing should be given the Nobel Peace Prize or something.  While I was in it, I didn't want to do anything but lay there.
Maybe we can ship thousands of those to Iraq and once all the idiots there get in them, they won't fight anymore.  The war would be over!  This thing was great.  Last time I sat in a massage chair all it did was vibrate and make you feel weird.  This was just like someone was massaging your back.  It had HUGE rollers that moved all around in just the right spots.  Now, some of you may be into the whole vibrating chair deal (just please don't tell me!).  Unfortunately, the thing is like $900 before sales tax. 
So, for all my blog fans out there, please send your Paypal donations to me.  I'll be happy to send you my Paypal address if you plan to donate... ;-)
Oh, got my new Linksys (Cisco) wireless webcam today.  I'm excited because I plan to be able to see the kiddos again tomorrow.  I'm sure the nanny will freak out but she'll have to get over it.  We use to have those crappy x10 camera but they are just crap.  I got this for like $90 with the employee discount.  WOOHOO!