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Friday, December 03, 2004

Friday has arrived. Drink.

On today's episode of "ADD Employees and the Companies Who Love Them", I'm finding myself having a case of the Friday's even before 10am.  First off, who came up with the phrase "A case of the Friday's" and what the ....? am I doing using it?  Second, should I consider this some type of medical condition that I can be put on paid leave for?  Perhaps I should approach HR and request time off to deal with the anxiety that my job on Friday's is causing me.  BAH!
So, tonight we will, as quoted by the coneheads, consume mass quantities.  Well, I will consume a little less than mass since I have the honor of being the designated driver on Fridays.  But, I'm ok with that.  The wifey drinks, and well, frankly I reap the rewards.  End of discussion.
This weekend will by my girl's very first dance recital.  What if I cry?  What if I get distracted?  What if I become one of those parents who go and beat up the dance coordinator because my kid didn't get to be in the front row?  Wait, am I confusing that with sports? Perhaps. 
I also plan to do some more of the spring (read winter) cleaning although I must admit that the novelty is wearing off slightly.   I felt like it was so cool to have all the rooms so arranged and clean and just as I predicted the rooms are slowing returning to their natural chaotic state.  It is possible that it is some law of physics that Einstein never proved.  All kids rooms naturally gravitate toward messy. 
As for our March trip to Vegas, things are getting very exciting.  We have lined up a smorgasbord of attendees:
EF - The calm, yet hungry one of the group
HF - Teacher attitude, yet drunk
KM (me) - Dork extraordinaire
Mrs. KM - Sexy, cool and generally the better half... err... three quarters
JK - Funny and yet sober
Mrs. JK - Caretaker but spicy
DM - The virtual Jim Carey
Mrs. DM - Constantly in a state of confusion over DM
Now if we can get even more people it would be great because things like dinner reservations, shows, etc get easier with the larger the group...  YEAH RIGHT!  Regardless, I want to head to Vegas with a large group just so we have a ton of fun.
Ok, last thing.  I think we may actually get to buy the wifey a new car next week.  They guy we are buying it from is finally moving the Mexico (he works here now) and we will be buying is 2003 Nissan Murano.  I'm so glad to be getting this car because the wifey a) deserves it and b) needs it and c) will look sexy in it and d) will stop asking me about it. :-)