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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Difficult to read

So I happened to be reading some of my usual blogs such as American Soldier and IraqTheModel. I saw a link that took me to one called RiverBend and found a difficult read there. I know there aer strong feelings about the war here in American. Many are for it. Many are against it. All wish it wasn't happening. But to read the Riverbend blog saying that the US military are all murderers is just so sad.

It is sad to see that this woman thinks that the US wants to kill and harm all Iraqis. That we all just have cold, heartless intentions. What she fails to realize is that most Americans simply don't care what happens in Iraq. I think if you ask the general person on the street how often they think about Iraq they would say only when I watch the news. The fact of the matter is we are trying to help Iraq simply because we can not because we want to.

She specifically talks about the Marine who shot the wounded Iraqi in the mosque. What she doesn't realize is that the day before that Marine's friend was killed by a man who was pretending to be injured and when he went to check him, the man blew himself and the Marine up. Now, put yourself in the Marine's shoes the next day. Do you walk over, check him and hope he doesn't blow himself up and you with him? Or do you shoot him out of fear for your own life? I vote option 2. Cold? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely.

I know, I normally don't get political in my blog as this is suppose to be a place of fun and laughter. But that really bothers me. I know thousands of Iraqis feel the same. That is why I am torn between staying the course to show them we will not waiver and pulling out and saying "Fine, you deal with your own shit hole then."

That's all for now. Oh, expect very little blogging between now and Jan 4th as I will be on vacation.