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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Christmas wishlist

Ok, so, this seems like a perfect opportunity to
a) list out what I want from Santa
b) hear what other people want
c) find out how many people actually give a shit enough to read my blog
So, comment on this post with your Christmas wish list.  If I get more than 1 reply, I'll probably have to go on the reality show, "Heart Attack Hotel - The Hotel that doesn't just vote people off, we KILL people off"
My wishlist:
1) Halo 2 (yes, I know I'm not 13 but this is MY wishlist so shut up)
2) 17" Flat panel monitor to match the one I have so I can run dual monitors (sweet!)
3) Clothes - lame for some but I hate shopping for clothes so I like it
4) Seinfeld box set - can anything be funnier?
5) A little... umm... nevermind, another list
6) iPod would be cool but damn, $300 for one?  Santa, care to step up?
7) Perhaps some new home theater gear like replacing my receiver.
Total cost: Oh, something like $3k...

What's your list?