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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Bourne Supremacy and stuff

So someone explain this to me.  How in the world does an actor take on a movie like The Bourne Identity and the The Bourne Supremacy, which I think are exciting action movies worth seeing, and then decide it is ok to do Stuck on You?  I mean really, did that really seem like a good idea?  From two guys struggling to find their way in life (Good Will Hunting) to two idiots attempting to be funny but only looking stupid (Stuck on You).  Wow, Matt Damon really has some soul searching to do.
Regardless, I've watched the The Bourne Supremacy now and I actually liked it.  Good flick for guys, probably not so much for most girls.  4 of 5 stars.
And, speaking of movies, for those on the Blockbuster online rental or on Netflix, do you find that you have a ridiculous number of movies in your queue?  I keep adding stuff knowing that I won't possibly have a chance to see it until sometime after the next election.  Its almost like an addiction.  "Yo man, I got some good action flicks.... $5 a bag."  Ok ok, I'll admit it, I really have no clue what pushers say when they sell drugs but its my blog so in my world that is what they say.  Sorry, started rambling there.  Anyway, I can't seem to stop.  I go out and look at the new releases and keep adding more.  My only hope is to watch 2-3 movies every night for like 3 weeks and I can catch up.
Yes, I know... I hear you right now saying.... "What the ....?"   I say it too when I finish posting...