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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A blog from the wild west!

Well, here I am in Summit County! We hit the slopes today for the first time. We went to Copper Mountain. It was good snow, not too crowded and the weather was all-in-all pretty good. Really warm at the base and a bit cold at the top!

Tomorrow the kiddos get to go to ski school for the first time. They try to ski (just a little) and mostly play in the snow, pet horses, etc. Really good time for them. Thursday we are going to go snowmobil touring. 2 hours that goes up over the Continental Divide (over 12,000 feet!)

Tonight, we are having a little Texas Hold'em Tourny here in the condo. About 8 of us with $10 buy-in. Love the time here.... gotta go enjoy it! Later bloggers!